Meet the Suzuki Grand Vitara

Experience the continuation of a remarkable history with the Grand Vitara, an iconic vehicle redesigned for those who strive to leave a lasting impact. The latest version of this legendary car features a remarkable and innovative design that pays homage to its prestigious legacy. With the Grand Vitara, every drive transforms into a luxurious voyage that makes a lasting impression.

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Style and Refinement

​Experience a refined and polished exterior with this vehicle. The front grille boasts a tasteful blend of chrome and paint, lending it a stylish and sophisticated appearance. The body-coloured door handles seamlessly integrate with the vehicle's sleek exterior, elevating its modern look. Additionally, the LED projectors in the headlamps deliver superior lighting performance, ensuring excellent visibility during your drives. Discover a vehicle that exudes elegance and style with its refined design.

GRAND Stay connected on the go with either the 9-inch touchscreen infotainment system, exclusive to the GLX Hybrid model, or the 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system with reverse camera, available in the GL model.
HYBRID The Smart Hybrid Vehicle System by Suzuki, featured in the GLX Hybrid model, incorporates an integrated starter generator motor that provides additional assistance to the petrol engine during acceleration. This innovative technology offers consistent peak performance and efficiency, making acceleration smoother and more effortless.
CHOICE The Grand Vitara is available with two engine options: a 1.5ℓ petrol engine and a 1.5ℓ hybrid engine. Both engines are designed to provide optimal performance and fuel efficiency, ensuring a smooth and responsive driving experience. Whether you choose the petrol engine or the hybrid engine, the Grand Vitara is sure to impress.

Master Any Terrain

The GLX Hybrid model of this vehicle is equipped with the advanced ALLGRIP SELECT all-wheel drive system, allowing you to conquer any road with ease. With four selectable modes tailored to specific driving conditions, this innovative system provides maximum control and performance. Optimize fuel efficiency and feel confident and in control in any driving situation with the ALLGRIP SELECT all-wheel drive system.​

Innovative SUV

Discover a new breed of SUV with the latest Grand Vitara model. In addition to its groundbreaking features, the GLX Hybrid version comes equipped with a 360-view camera system that provides a comprehensive view of your surroundings from the infotainment screen. Illuminate your path with LED projector headlights featuring LED daytime running lights. Enjoy the convenience of cruise control and automatic climate control, maintaining a comfortable temperature in the cabin.

Features ALLGRIP 4WD The 4WD system, AllGrip, has four driver-selectable modes – Auto, Sport, Mud/Snow and Lock – designed to maximise road grip while decreasing running costs.
Features CONVENIENCE The Grand Vitara range has Rearview camera, Rear air conditioning, Rear parking sensors and 7" alloy wheels.
Features SAFETY FIRST The Grand Vitara range features six airbags, ISOFIX, ABS with EBD and BA Hill hold control as well as Electronic stability programme (ESP).

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